SHIRT: uniqlo (similar)  .  CULOTTES: asos  .  SHOES: zara (similar) .  SUNGLASSES: retrosuperfuture (similar)

I have had a freshen. Injecting new stable staples into my neutral wardrobe. My rack of clothes in abundant of 
Blacks, Greys with hints of Blues. I must say I am a bit boring now... but for the ease and comfort that 
my wardrobe is currently, then I am proudly boring. 

Recently I have been thinking about disclosure, the various degrees which we all hide or display for all to see. 
I pride myself with my lines of information; my privacy. From experience and mistakes lines are drawn.
But what is truly private? Who or what defines that? Some people prefer their image to be private whilst
for others it is more emotionally based. Personally I have lines (note the plural) as it really depends. 
I have no issue with certain things like image, style and perspectives I do consider myself a pretty open
book. I always prefer a question than a statement or declaration. Is privacy derivative of something shameful
or weak? Or is it out of protection to prevent change?

photos: yvonne

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