Sometimes you need a break

I am notoriously known for being busy. I like to multitask and keep myself occupied with things... 
as I tend to get bored very easily. With age I have learnt to slow down a bit to simply enjoy and take
care of myself, but when it comes to taking breaks I am still not the best. I enjoy making plans and 
having projects, it is fuel to my fire and lets my brain run overtime. That being said I had come to 
realise that I had not had a holiday in close to two years, and it was time for a break. This time was 
be different as I planned no projects, no shoots... nothing. For the first time ever I took time off to
completely recharge and simply refresh. My Eat, Pray Love trip of sorts (I did more Eating than
 anything else...) Impulsively I booked a trip to Malaysia for some much needed R&R. Enjoying the
really simple things from morning walks in KLCC Park or to the Fruit Markets, eating at various 
Hawker Stalls that are open 24/7 and spending the rest of my hours lounging by the Pool. I got the 
time to really relax and take time to look up at the clouds, soul search and really recharge my
 batteries. Sometimes pressing pause allows us to be able to gather before the next chapter, to reset
and reposition. Without a break of relief we can develop a sense of tunnel vision which narrows one's
perspective. There's no weakness with taking a break.. only when it comes to the amount of food
one will consume....

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