Judging an item's worth comes easily. Is a pair of $1000 shoes ever really worth it?
I do the math. I break down the times I plan to wear it and the variety it would add to my shoe
collection...  I can justify it. I can make the decision based on fact and desire. Pretty simple?
Granted not everyone would see the worth in shelling out that much for a pair of shoes, but it
led me to the thought that we easily judge an item's worth on face value but when it comes to
personal worth it becomes a lengthy conundrum. Should it be that easy to calculate? Whether
in the workplace, friendships, relationships or even just where you fit in the world. Can you
judge your worth and what that equates to? Is there a math? Do I add value to all of my
experiences and education and translate that into a figure? Or even strip it back to the simple
idea of Self Worth, how important is it to know your worth? Knowing yourself is one thing but
its worth in application is another expensive shoe ready to be purchased... so to speak

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