jacket: ASOS  .  sweatshirt: ASOS  .  skirt: UNIQLO  .  sneakers: GIVENCHY  .  sunglasses: SUPERRETROFUTURE

The hand that is dealt is not necessarily a choice. Sure you can bluff your way through it, try to convince others and even yourself that the glass is half full. Trying to get to that point when it can be a joke, when the term light hearted-ness can be fixed without an awkward pause or a trembling smile. Like every sore spot, over time skin thickens and reality of the situation prevails lessening its presence developing into acceptance and overall being. That baggage everyone has, varied in size and weight but baggage nonetheless. You can try of offload some onto others or simply to the world, shrugging it off. Sometimes it gets to that point where you cut through it all, seek the relief and clarity not just for yourself but also for the sake of others. The mystery of the situation is always enticing at first, but can also become a cold labyrinth that can never be penetrated. A choice can be a luxury at times, however I have learnt to at least choose to trust in what is true in hopes for a better hand next time.

photos: krystal

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