Prawn Crackers, Acne Studios and Strawberry Creams. Whether it be 'on trend' or not, I have had Pink on the mind. I believe that for a guy it takes a lot of gusto to pull off such a bright colour. Whether it be in a pastel, accessory or clothing, the colour is loaded with such derogatory connotations that it can be so intimidating to integrate it into everyday life. However little by little I find myself collecting bits and pieces, a relief of colour in my library of grey and monotones. It is actually the first time in my 25 years of life that I have shown interest, whether it is mature confidence or my youthful desire to be playful again I am enjoying exploring this juxtaposition. 

Think in terms of the image and expression than the judgement. Explore the opportunity to learn and grow. Refuse the negativity derived from other's fears. Flourish with the paths yet to be uncovered. Create a normalcy for others to be influenced by. Crave the difference and strive to always maintain it. Think Pink not to shock, but to push the boundaries of who and what.  

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