sweater: ZARA  .  shorts: H&M  .  sneakers: ZARA  .  sunglasses: RETROSUPERFUTURE  .  pom: TOPSHOP

As humans we are creatures of habit. I discover the circles in choices, lifestyle and environment. The idea that everything is constant but nothing is forever, that forever is in that it will all end. I find fascination in the choice. Whether it is yes or no, to take the risk or not. No choice is right or wrong, however the direction taken and the door that is rejected is often a beautiful mess that deserves to be seen. I pride myself with my high level of independence, it is something that I was brought up on; something that is just as much a strength as it is a hinderance. Over time and through experience I am constantly fine tuning, learning and trying to break those bad habits to resist having to make the same mistake. Sometimes there are multiple lessons ties to one experience, the habit continues till everything is cleared and everything is on the table. Trusting trust with my instinct. It can make advice seem foreign and threatening, but ultimately they must always been seen as a gauge than persuasion. In a world of bad habits and choices, owning one's actions will always come down to one's truth.

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