My affection for a colder climate seems to grow more and more as the years progress. There is only so much clothing you can wear throughout summer without the unsightly need to sweat and discomfort that follows. I am not sure whether is it myself or the collections this season but I'm lacking a variety of inspiration. By far my favourite looks came from the LCM MAN show. I currently see clothing now more as a form of coverage than the desire to convey a particular costume aesthetic. Don't get me wrong, I would like to purchase a military inspired Balmain blazer and something uber sports masculine from KTZ. But stripping that back to the silhouettes and fabrication to build off my body structure fascinates me more than simply a colour or function.  


sweater: ASOS  .  shorts: ASOS  .  boots: TIMBERLAND  .  sunglasses: RETROSUPERFUTURE  .  pom: FURLA

Another new year... a year to Want

I must admit the end of my 2016 and start of 2017 was quite anticlimactic and slow. I fell quite ill so a lot of my plans were shelved whilst I recovered. A true example of expectations versus the reality that life can throw at you. A concept which I try to balance with on a daily basis; to have ambition but to also understand that there is no certain path to those goals. So two weeks into the year and I am now starting a fresh. I never got to reflect on 2016 like I would normally do. Not to say that 2016 was a write off or that it shouldn't be acknowledged, personally I found 2016 quite successful. I definitely took more ownership and control. I redefined my identity and at the ripe age of 25 and took into account where I have been and where I wanted to go and become. Through that I learnt the lesson that no matter how perfect or ideal I want to be, I am indeed Human... Yes it took me 25 years to discover this revetting fact. More specifically I have settled into myself, I believe with youth you are always against something whether it be fitting in or being confident with yourself, but now I cope better and accept myself and my reality. Not to say I am content in being the same forever, but that I do not need to prove myself to myself. I accept the flaw that I am human, to accept that whether it be an illness or simply a bad day that I am allowed to be vulerable without being weak. 2016 taught me to judge myself less and learn to embrace the silver linings.

For the year ahead I want to Want. Not to say that I do not already pursue my desires, but it is time to be more forthright with my intentions. To marry words with actions. Communicating opportunities and growth to enrich and further push my own ambitions. Removing fear that comes with a choice, regardless of support. I want to pursue more and do more. Last year I set the intention to compete and to fight, this year I no longer want to fight. I want unapologetically.

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