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ACNE STUDIOS makio bomber
JUUN J blazer, H&M bomber (similar)
ACNE STUDIOS clea bomber, UNIQLO t-shirt & COS skirt 

The Sity of Diver... Diversity intrigues me 

Diversity is the new hot topic if not a buzzword already. I think to myself where or why did this topic all of a sudden become an issue? Growing up I never saw any true representation of either my ethnicity nor my sexuality. Upon reflection, I remember seeing links with the yellow power ranger and the campiest characters in hopes of being in good company. It was only until I got older did I understand how important it is to see yourself reflected other than from a mirror. I guess that’s one of the reasons why I create and share my image to add to the representation of both my ethnicity and sexuality. Seeing things like Black Panther, Crazy Rich Asians, Love Simon helps to broaden the conversation - visuals that project the world, ideally developing ideas above both tokenish or fetishism. It is time to want more. More Colour, Lifestyles... just more.

Aside from the image, it is also important to share thoughts. On whether anyone listens to mine or reads this is a different story. We live in a world where the ideal is champion whilst the real is frowned upon or ignored. As a diary amongst and above anything else there is nothing more powerful than sharing one’s thoughts one’s ideas and one’s image.

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