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You are Gold... Literally

There are so many skincare 'it' ingredients that at times it is hard to keep up with what's effective versus the ones that are simply instagramable. Charcoal, Coffee, Vitamins and Acids, the list goes on and on. Not going to lie... I have tried a majority of them if not got some things yet to try in my cupboard. Sassou Japan, is an anti-ageing skincare brand that makes products that are both cutting-edge and effective... not to mention one of their key ingredients is Gold. There is the belief that Gold can help improve circulation and skin revitalisation, such buzzwords one cannot turn away from. Realistically I find Japanese products always have a high association with quality without the need to delve into the unsavoury additives to get the same results. Last month I was lucky enough to be gifted a set of Sassou Japan products to review, aside from their benefits the products look spellbinding. Because who doesn't like or want to try gold suspended in gels and creams?