- 12 -


2018 was a turning point. In the search for the next life ‘pivot’ unknown to me that I had already done so. The speed of time mixed with the combination of life factors always leads you to forget the path. This year I reached new heights in my Career, moved out of my apartment of three years to a house with my partner, went to Paris for work, farewelled family and welcomed new blood, visited sweet spots around Australia and finally learnt a skill I have been longing to learn which was sewing and patternmaking. Like all developments with life, sometimes it’s refinements rather than stark clean slates. Because how many times can you be wowed by an iPhone?! 

My biggest lesson in 2018 is that I have learnt that I can no longer survive on the trivial, that I search genuine quality passion and satisfaction to fuel my life and purpose. Emulating others or maintain status quo gives me no solace. With this year's cultural progression towards diversity, equality and transparency, the power of being your authentic self proves to come out on top. We all are encouraged to climb up, but what happens when you find yourself climbing for the sake of it rather than for the thrill. I want the thrill. 

Now to you, readers, viewers and window shoppers, Thank you for taking the time to look and read. 

I finish the year plugged in for an overdue Recharge. Allowing my Mind, Body and Spirit to recoup for what’s next. 
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