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How to do Hobart in 4 days

This year has been the year of the short trips. It hasn't been quite easy to coordinate a proper holiday, with my study and work not to mention my partner's work and commitments. Shorter trips seem both feasible both with time and money. I have also reached that age bracket when I can say that 'it has been around 15 years since I've been' that in itself warrants a break.

Just a short hour flight from Melbourne to Hobart we hit the ground running visiting the infamous Salamanca Markets. A mix of handmade goods delights found on Amazon and fresh produce and food, regardless of whether you have something in mind to look for its worth the wander. Stumbling across what would be one of the many bakeries which we would visit, I get very excited by humble bakeries with their classic treats. Cut to a rather windy and fear-inducing drive up to the peak of Mount Wellington to see the sights. Once I kiss the stable ground you can bask at the sights around.

A ferry ride out of Hobart gets you to Bruny Island. We did opt to drive on the ferry as to best get around the island. The simple island has all that you'd expect: a Winery, Lighthouse, Chocolate Shop and a Cheese and Breadmaker. Driving around the island to the various locations humans are outnumbered by the number of trees and beaches surrounding. It is seclusion

My number 1 on my to-do list in Hobart was MONA. Taking the ferry with an eclectic group of people and animal statues, the moment you step off onto MONA the experience begins. The museum has a great mix of Art and Experiences, with the complementary O Device you are able to explore the various underground levels. What's even more impressive is that the museum staff are really attentive and helpful. MONA is not a 3-hour situation, I recommend a full day because there are some installations which you have to digitally queue for and others that you have to prebook. Even for those people who aren't 'into' art, MONA is curated to make even the most beige or judgy-wudgy bear enjoy themselves.

What do you do with a half day in Hobart? Wine Tasting of course... Kidding but we did just that. Coal River Valley is one of the many Wine Regions in Tasmania, home to a variety of vineyards that sell either exclusively from their cellar door or nationally. $5 gets you a taste of what each vineyard has to offer and for those who want a little bit more the majority also have either a cafe or a restaurant on premise just in case you get peckish... or want to see how well the wines go with a bit of food.

I must say Tasmania was never on 'the list' as a child, it didn't strike me as anything fancy. Honestly, the only two highlights I remember from my last trip is buying my first Marvel Comics from a vendor at the Salamanca Markets and seeing really big fuzzy bumblebees... see a really memorable trip. Another drawcard to some people is the seafood, now I am not a fan of seafood so this does not float my boat BUT I know from both friends and family that the seafood quality is great so keep that in mind you seafood lovers #cantrelate. Ultimately and dare I admit as an adult, seeking refuge from the bustle of the big city Tasmania offers the best of the simple life. Good Food, Nature and Quiet. This is what I got up to in four days, but there's still plenty more to explore next time.

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