One’s Mood. Easy to define at a moment's glance, however horribly erratic and hypocritical upon reflection. I am a firm believer that we only accept what we are able to translate and understand... or what we are made to believe.

MMM or MM6 or Maison Martin Margiela and now Maison Margiela isn’t a household name, one would argue that a lot of the pieces suggested as fashion or couture could be found easily in the everyman’s home. The Belgian designer and known recluse from the ‘fashion celebrity scene’ was famously known for his deconstructed looks, somewhat avant-garde and simply ugly to many. One signature is Margiela’s Tabi shoe, referencing Japanese socks which only split the big toe from the other four smaller. The inner shoe fetishist sees ultimate beauty in the boot iteration, and hopefully a place in my wardrobe also. Though Margiela himself is no longer at the helm of the brand, the aesthetic is still thought-provoking and unapologetic to the norm or even the ideas of popular culture trends. It’s definitely a particular mood indeed. 

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