MARTAN 2010 - 2019



Resolutions, Goals etcetera

They say that with age comes confidence as well as a level of being stubborn. Firsts become seconds then become a cluster of memories that when reflected upon either present as a collectively good or bad time. Impressions become reputations and routine can be favored as it is comfortable and familiar. It’s nearing 10 years blogging (and yes I still call it blogging) it’s crazy to think of the journey. And it’s only natural being January to take stock of what I want the year ahead to become. Having been on the back burner for a while I have learned that the most important thing to seek is satisfaction and good vibes only.  



One’s Mood. Easy to define at a moment's glance, however horribly erratic and hypocritical upon reflection. I am a firm believer that we only accept what we are able to translate and understand... or what we are made to believe.