Boy oh Boy - Boy de Chanel

Last year Chanel launched Boy de Chanel, the brand's first make up line for Men. Not that Men need a dedicated line; makeup does not discriminate though it can be very intimidating. Upon my recent travels to Europe, I took the opportunity to try out the collection... and I ended up buying it all for further testing.

I have always been of the belief that it is better to have a good skincare regime rather than covering it up with makeup. However, now I am starting to see little things like dark circles and age lines... so it wouldn't hurt to start to try somethings out. And also if you're going to try a new collection, Chanel isn't a bad start.

The Boy de Chanel's collection follows 3 Steps:

1 - MOISTURISE with Le Baume A Levres/Lip Balm
I can't miss a new Lip Balm, and this one is rather fancy. However, for $50AUD it's rather expensive for a lip balm that's not going to change your life. With that said I cry if I lose it... like a lot of my other lost my lip balms...

2 - EVEN OUT with Le Tient/Foundation 
Matte finish and Lightweight, there are 8 shades of this foundation. It's quite buildable helping to even out discolouration and those lovely signs of sleep. The foundation also has SPF 25 for add sun protection and has a faint fragrance that eventually dissipates upon application.

3 - DEFINE with Le Stylo Sourcils/Eyebrow Pencil
This waterproof formula can be used for your brows and facial hair. The other end of the pencil is a fancy spoolie for brushing out any harsh lines. As basic as a brow pencil can be, its in the details where you see its value.

As groundbreaking as Florals in Spring, Boy de Chanel is simply a fancy excuse for anyone to buy some blue packaged Chanel Makeup. Could you probably get the same quality from other Chanel or Makeup brands? Probably. The products are good, exactly what you would expect from a Luxury Brand's Mens line, subtle and effective with a hint of overpriced. But like luxury brands, it's not about the need... it's want.

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