LOEWE - elephant mini bag

I have a weird track record with pets, which I must admit is not my fault. I've had a dog, fish and now a cat. By no means am I the next Noah, but I have a fondness for animals. My eye has always been on owning an elephant bag. More so for the craftsmanship of making a bag out of one piece of leather. It's a luxe purchase, as your typical iPhone won't in it... amongst others. But there is an allure whether it be the soft pink or the fact that is it more of a statement than a bag.

When I got my first job there was nothing more satisfying than buying whatever I wanted. Having 3 other siblings I always felt guilty wanting things which in turn led me to always want to be independent and buy whatever I want (cue 7 Rings) Now that I'm way past my first job and the reality of bills and life, the amount of shopping I do is less. Coupled with studying fashion design for the past year I stopped looking. With clothing, since I know how to make said garment I technically should just make it myself... though the technicality lies with accessories; my first love.