I am not a dermatologist, expert or guru. However I do have a Face, Skin, Hair, etc... so that makes me a consumer at the very least. With the mounds of products I want to try and then consequentially buy, I do get to points where I look back and wonder 'was it worth it?'. This is my Edit on products that I either think are GreatSo So and Not for Me. Do not get offended if there's something I don't like that you like, we all have different Faces, Skin, Hair, etc... These are my honest opinions on each Claim the product... well claims to do. 

This month's Edit I thought why not tackle the 2019 skincare topic of 'Clean'. In the age of being 'woke' and conscious consumption, there are so many buzz words around how can you actually know what is Clean: Natural, Vegan, Organic, Neutral or Conscious?! These words can be confusing as, and do they really have much effective than other brands? I have a dream to live a uber-healthy, zen, temple lifestyle, but until then it's little steps. So here is a list of different types of products that you can start building your temple. Whether its to replace something that you have that isn't effective or to get you thinking about what you are putting on your largest organ daily, its food for thought especially a new year upon us. 
KIND-LY 100% Natural Deoderant - Natural, Vegan, Cruelty-Free, Organic
Claim: This 100% natural formulation keeps you fresh, dry and odor-free whilst allowing your body to breathe and release toxins naturally. 
Thoughts: To be honest, I don't wear deodorant. I don't tend to sweat/have BO, so I don't use deodorant. What I like about the Kind-ly ones is other than the natural formulation are the scents. Combinations like Lime & Frankincense and Coconut & Vanilla is derived from essential oils so there's never that gross strong synthetic fragrances. 
Verdict?: For someone who needs deodorant daily, this is a great option (not to mention the scents

G&M NATIVE Emu Oil - Natural, Cruelty-Free
Claim: Sustainably sourced Emu oil is rich in fatty acids, omega 3, 6 & 9. These acids help to be anti-inflammatory and nourishing. Traditionally used for bruises, burns and skin health. 
Thoughts: This oil is very rich. When I'm having a dry day or any areas with the dryness I'll apply some of this oil to seal the area to rehydrate. Being an animal byproduct, the oil does have a faint scent to it, so that's something to get used to. 
Verdict?: Emu Oil is a great natural oil. If you can get used to the scent and need the richness it's worth looking into.
EGYPTIAN MAGIC All Purpose Cream - Natural 
Claim: Made of 6 key ingredients, the all-purpose cream has over 20 recommended uses e.g: moisturizer, burns, cuts, eczema, conditioner, lip balm.
Thoughts: I use this balm as a spot treatment for dryness. I rub the balm until it becomes an oil and apply it so. I apply it best on the Nose, Lips and on Burns. 
Verdict?: I bought a tub a while back... and I never finished it. There's definite value in a tub. If you're into rich oil-based products then I'd recommend it. But since I use it as a spot treatment, I wouldn't repeat it often. 
KORA Noni Radiant Eye Oil - Natural, Vegan, Organic, Cruelty-Free, Conscious 
Claim: Formulated to brighten and smooth the skin tone around the eye area, with the help of Noni, Tomato and Bamboo extract.
Thoughts: I'm not an eye cream person so this oil option helps to give something to my eyes without heavy cream. The applicator rollerball is also rose quartz which I like an as cute gimmick. The only downside is the rollerball itself isn't the most secure for the oil, so traveling isn't the best with it.
Verdict?: This is a good alternative to eye cream, though being someone who doesn't use anything special on my eyes it's just something I don't factor into a routine. 
THE ORDINARY Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% - Neutral, Vegan, Cruelty-Free
Claim: Niacinamide is said to help with skin congestion and brightening.
Thoughts: Now this isn't really considered natural, however, some could argue that a clinical formulation is 'clean' as it is able to be created and manufactured to a consistent standard. I like this as a serum to help plump up the skin before the final moisturizing step in my routine.  
Verdict?: A simple and cost-effective serum-like ingredient. There are no complaints with Niacinamide, but it is no overnight miracle and it added into a regimen.   
SHAMPOO WITH A PURPOSE The OG - Natural, Vegan, Cruelty-Free, Conscious, Organic
Claim: This shampoo bar is the equivalent of 6 bottles of shampoo. Made out of sustainable ingredients, Shea Butter, Coconut and Argan Oil. 
Thoughts: This clean formulation is both conscious and natural to avoid plastics and harsh additives/synthetics. 
Verdict?: This is a routine changer. Once you get your head around not having bottles and using that soap dish that hasn't been used for a while the bar becomes second nature. Picking the right one for your hair needs is important to make sure that you are treating it with the right ingredients. 

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