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I have never traveled so much in my life than I had this year. I had to pack away my fear of flying and get on with it. Each year I travel more and more and I have learned two things about travel. Firstly, taking a holiday is a must. Taking a break and ideally, one outside of the house and country is great for wellbeing, but not so much for the bank account. Secondly Travelling for work can be so rewarding and extremely tiring all at the same time (cue first world problem sob). 

A holiday for my partner and I means the BEACH. We managed three trips this year; two to Esperance and one to Phi Phi Island to simply sit back and relax. Whether working on your tan, reading that book you swore to finish years ago or having a cocktail or two with no fear of an alarm the next morning this is my kind of holiday. It doesn't come without some balance. I'm lucky enough to have O blood which is basically crack for mosquitos, so as my partner was wandering around our villa while I was locked inside nursing over 15 bites (again cue first world problems) I have always found the sound of the beach therapeutic, and since I don't live near one anymore, holidays are the best excuse. It's my inner aquarian recharging it's soul.  

I have been fortunate enough to have worked for international brands like Montblanc and Lancel Paris that allow me to travel internationally. Granted this opportunity didn't help to keep my flying anxiety in check (something I'll discuss separately). Living in Australia, you can't help but feel isolated or hard done by due to its location from the major business hubs of the world. So having to travel to Milan and Paris 3 times a year was crazy. The perks of traveling for work generally outweigh the jet lag and virus you catch on the flight home. Something that I have had to get used to is traveling by myself in foreign countries. Interstate travel is a breeze and even though you're away from home, you don't feel too far from it. Cut to a different time zone and continent, it can feel rather intimidating and isolating. It took me a while to get used to it, with each visit I would stay in different areas to explore food, shopping, and general sights. It is definitely different to travel alone, you don't do certain things that you'd do with a partner or friends, but it's affirming to be able to be comfortable and responsible for yourself in unfamiliar territory. 

I'm going to firmly say that I do not think I will travel that much next year. But I am immensely satisfied with the number of miles I have accumulated in the past few years let alone this year. They are memories that are unique with every visit, pizza slice, croissant or walk down to the beach.

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