I've never been afraid to show a little leg

As a child, I never had to desire to wear skirts. It was only as I started to experiment with my style and my then credit card I thought why not? Let's just say that I have collected a few since then. They may not be everyone's cup of tea but let's get one thing straight, skirts are not just for women. Let's not forget about the Scottish kilt, Japanese Hakama and the Arabic Thawb to name a few. Royalty used to don skirts and tights so there is nothing wrong with wanting to try one out. It took me a while to get into skirts no one taught me how to find or wear a skirt, but its now something I wear throughout the year. So here are a few tips on where and how I wear my skirts, so if you are curious or don't know where to start.

1) kilt style UNIQLO 2) kilt style ALEXANDER McQUEEN
3) thigh slit style UNIQLO x JW ANDERSON

HOW TO FIND the perfect skirt 

It took years of umming and ahhing, trawling the internet and in shops until I found the right skirt for me. My first was one from Uniqlo, and I still have it till this day. It's important to think about the look and fit. I like two types of skirts, the more traditional Kilt or A-Line style and the more modern thigh slit skirt. The Kilt/A-Line style fits at the waist and gets wider at the end, making it a boxier fit. On the other hand, the thigh slit skirt is more risque but longer so the proportion of skin shown between the two types is very similar. Understanding what you want and what looks good on you will require trial and error, which involves trying plenty to find the best one. Here are my 3 tips:
  • Overall Fit: I want to feel comfortable in a skirt, where it sits firmly on my waist and is made with a quality of fabric that is thick enough to cover my crotch and lower body. You want the fit to be like any piece in your wardrobe, adding confidence not taking it away. I tend to prefer skirts which either button, zip or tie-up rather than the elastic waist styles for that reason.
  • Length: You want the length to suit your style. I like my kilt styles to be close to the knee, whilst my thigh slit skirts to the mid-calf. Any longer I might look short or nun-like, whilst any shorter I might look disproportionate and too risque. Depending on your height, this will vary, but its the key to wearing a skirt and it not wearing you. 
  • Brands: Shopping in the womenswear section is helpful for trial and error, especially high street brands like Uniqlo and Zara where you can physically try on the product and they aren't too expensive. It's hard to find a menswear skirt to try or buy for a cheap price, they tend to be designer only. It's worth trying and finding your favourite shape/s before investing in expensive pieces. The bulk of my high street women's skirts I have are between $70-$100, with my most expensive piece is my only menswear skirt which is my Alexander McQueen Kilt which was $**** but worth every penny. 

1) A-Line style AMERICAN APPAREL with an oversized denim jacket and thigh-high boots
2) A-Line Style ASOS with stockings and chunky sneakers
3) Thigh slit style ZARA with an oversized jacket and platform sneakers with socks

HOW TO STYLE a skirt 

There is no true formula on wearing anything, but I find when wearing a skirt I want to make sure I'm showing personality and style than wearing it for shock value. So once you have found styles you're comfortable in, you have to style it to match and wear. Here are my styling tips I use for wearing a skirt. 
  • Top: I tend to match a skirt with a heavier top. Whether it is layering with a stiff denim jacket, sweater or even a nice weighted cotton t-shirt. By wearing a combination of those pieces I keep my silhouette boxy since my legs are on show. Jackets and Sweaters with pockets are an ideal pairing because skirts tend to not have deep pockets, and even then it can ruin the illusion with your phone, lip balm and wallet shoved in. That or you could carry a bag... which if you see in the above I am. 
  • Underwear: Regardless of what type of skirt you wear, bear in mind that you will need to wear appropriate undergarments. This is is important when sitting down or when a gust of wind happens. You want to feel secure and comfortable.
  • Footwear: With the silhouette boxy, I like to keep that same theme with my footwear. I prefer a boot with socks or stockings, thigh-high boots or a chunky sneaker. This just balances it out the look, making it bold and strong. I have tried wearing loafers or sandals but it changes the look to something softer, which I'm not a fan of. 
  • Confidence: You've got to own it. You don't have to strut like a model, but make sure that you feel at home as if you are wearing pants or shorts. You don't want to go into all of this effort to be self-conscious and fidget, you've gone through all of the trial and error to avoid it. Just enjoy and own it!