THROWBACK : 8.11.16


8th November 2016, St Kilda, Victoria, Australia

Pyjamas in the Daytime? Yes indeed.  2016 was all about ease, looking relaxed and effortless with accents of something fancy. This was shot in an alley near my old apartment in St Kilda. I loved the clean walls and rough cobblestones. I took this photo by myself on a day off, shooting it quickly, then packing up to go to the beach.

  • 2016 is all about ease, bags and jewellery were not a thing. At the time I was busy with full-time work with interstate travel. I wanted a clean wardrobe/style to allow for a thoughtless approach, everything works together seamlessly. 
  • I don't really like to wear stripes, but for a pyjama look, I wanted exactly that. It took me ages to find this pyjama look from Cos. The Blue and White stripes are a classic combination. As they are real pyjamas, they are shapeless (which is fine) but they are very thin... ideal for the bedroom but in public it can be tricky. Definitely more of a Spring/Summer look.
  • Yes, I have the Gucci Princetown Loafers with the Kangaroo hair backs. As trendy as they are I wanted them for this exact purpose; to be a fancy slipper. Okay, it's a very expensive fancy slipper, but it ticks off my 'ease' requirement.
  • I really wanted a pair of Flat Top Sunglasses with reflective lenses. Sounds easy? At the time no. You could get one or the other, but finally, I discovered RetroSuperFuture. I still have them to this day, though they're a bit small now...