I've never thought I'd ever own an elephant



You know there are accessories that are simply pretty? This falls under that list. The Loewe Elephant bag is apart of their animal line which also includes the panda and rabbit. What I've always liked about these bags is that they are very minimal and yet have a great sense of clean craftsmanship. Don't get me wrong I enjoy fancy hardware and textures, but there is something unique and fun about this bag that has always made me want to buy it! 

FROM: eBay, Kim Kardashian Charity Auction (Don't judge, I got it for a steal!)
UNBOXING: This is a fun bag. I like the colour and you can tell from the construction that it is well made, there is even logo hardware on the strap. The bag doesn't have a lining, as the inner is quite unique and an even lining would be hard to achieve. The matching strap is thin and can be adjusted or removed to be a clutch style bag.
THOUGHTS: This is a true luxury piece. Why I say that is you have to appreciate the craftsmanship to warrant the price tag. I like it for that reason rather than the practicality. One I don't really like thin straps and worse of all is that it doesn't fit my phone... Not a deal-breaker but something to keep in mind if you want this as your first bag.
BUYERS REMORSE?: Ish?! I'm happy I got this less than the RRP, just because I'm not sure how long it'll take for me to recoup the cost per wear. BUT it's a lovely work of craftsmanship which no doubt will be the most unique part of my bags.