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The P Word... #Pride 

Pride is a term I hardly use and yet this month I was reminded how important it is to spread the message of Pride, to my friends and family but also to the people I am visible to. Growing up and discovering that I was different in many ways took time and perspective. Whether it was my Sexuality, Love Life or Health the long road to acceptance is something many #LGBTQ people face in and amongst trying to survive in the world alongside people that are ‘hetero-normal'. Trying to 'fit in' is always a struggle whether it be in the greater world or even in your own community. I do not consider myself an advocate or particular role model, but I am willing to do my share to share my experiences whether they are #LGBTQ related or simply life-related so that people know that they aren't alone... because at the end of the day isn't that what we are most afraid of?

It is a great time to be a member of the #LGBTQ community because we are more connected and visible than ever. Are we completely equal? No, but are we slowly shedding stereotypes and inequalities? Yes. This month represents the language of love, whether it is with someone of the opposite, same or undecided sex and in between. This month acts as a celebration and a conversation starter to push towards equality, pride and respect wherever, whenever, forever.  

This month I am able to state that I am a proud Gay Man. And to all those who may see this post, the road to being proud may be long or short, but regardless of the journey know that it gets better.

The search continues...

Having finished one completed branded skin regime I have moved onto reducing my collection of well-curated odds and ends. Balancing that with study, the spectrum of my appetite and mood coupled with changing seasons - I need all the help I can get. My perfect regime (aside from making my skin clear and stunningly ageless) is thin and easy to apply and wear throughout the day. Yes, I want the best of all the worlds of comfort and effectiveness. Here is my latest attempt...


the SPF
SHISEIDO Elixir Cleanser
NIOD Survival 30
RESIBO Facial Oil
I received this as a gift, surprisingly it performs better than a simple gift giveth product. When cleansing I only do it once a day, to prevent my skin from over-drying. One pump in the Shower and this bad boy removes my day face (in a good way)   Two Words: Multi Peptide. In layman's terms, this has a lot of good things all in one little bottle (thus the name 'buffet') If anything this is a great serum medium to pair with other serums or alone. Think a primer but for skincare... does that make sense?   Sun Damage is not trendy. I also find SPF products uncomfortable... NIOD's survival formula has raved for its antipollution and SPF properties, so I am giving it a whirl. My one tip is LESS IS MORE, the first time I applied it made a deathly white cast. Safe to say the next day I was my normal skin tone.   I like to finish my routine with an oil, you know seal in the deal... This oil has serum properties that naturally reduce signs of aging and if not stop those heavy hands of time. Once my serums have dried, just 3-4 drops tapped onto the face and BAM I'm done.

This the current concoction, and I am not hating on it...

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