I am not a dermatologist, expert or guru. However I do have a Face, Skin, Hair, etc... so that makes me a consumer at least. With the mounds of products I want to try and then consequentially buy, I do get to points where I look back and wonder 'was it worth it?'. This is my Edit on products that I either think are GreatSo So and Not for Me. Do not get offended if there's something I don't like that you like, we all have different Faces, Skin, Hair, etc... This is my honest thoughts on the Claims each product... well claims to do. 
Claim: Improves Facial Contour and Tone while reducing the appearance of Fine Lines and Wrinkles
Thoughts: Beauty tools tend to be a bit pricy, this is no different. You have you use the device with a water-based gel (they do sell one but I use hyaluronic acid) Each session lasts for 5 minutes, I tend to focus it on my jawline and cheekbones. 
Verdict?: When using this I feel a slight tingle which I like. I can definitely feel slight changes in my skin and facial angles. It is one of those things you have to continue to use to get the full effects. My only concern is making sure I use it often enough to recoup the price tag! 
Claim: This Oil claims to help treat acne and blackheads with Salicylic Acid, Tea Tree Oil and Black Cumin Seed Oil.
Thoughts: This green oil has a light tea tree scent that dissipates after application. I generally use this as a spot treatment on particular areas whether it is a bit of acne or areas which prone to blackheads. 
Verdict?: I like the effectiveness of this old. I don't regularly use oils just based on my skincare layering however if I have any type of blemish I grab this. My only issue is I never get through a bottle because it is so big!
CAUDALIE Beauty Elixir
Claim: Made from 100% Natural ingredients, the soothing elixir refreshes skin whilst also being able to be a  primer, setting spray.
Thoughts: Think of it as a fresh breath of air, slightly minty/menthol.
Verdict?: Whether at work, home or on the plane two spritz and my skin wakes up. The glass weighted bottle makes the elixir even fancier like a fragrance. It's a nice way to re-energise. 
Claim: Multi Repair Balm designed to help dry and damaged skin with ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid, Zinc and D-Panthenol. 
Thoughts: I applied the balm as a moisturizer on my body, as this is a thicker than what I like for my face. 
Verdict?: This isn't for me. I tend to go for creams/balms which soak into my skin very quickly, this one does take a bit to absorb. I can't put on clothes until I know it's been soaked it, I don't like that awkward transfer. HOWEVER, I can totally see this being so helpful for people with super dry skin or with skin issues that require a richer cream/balm. 
CHANEL Boy De Chanel Foundation
Claim: Longwear foundation designed for men that even skin tone and maintains a natural look with SPF 25
Thoughts: I use this more so as a concealer than a full face. The liquid goes on really easily and is buildable with a beauty sponge. The foundation does have a classic 'luxury' fragrance but it does dissipate after a while.
Verdict?: The foundation is helpful to cancel out dark circles or spots I have. To be honest this was a splurge (I bought the entire Boy de Chanel set CLICK POST HERE) I am not fond of the fragrance, but that's me in general. But overall it is a good formula, though with my limited use and purchase of foundations there's not much I can compare it to. 
Claim: Clear and Clean sunscreen helps to soothe and protect skin 
Thoughts: I use this sunscreen everyday. I comes out of the tube a clear/yellow, it reminds me of a primer kind of texture and look. It goes on really easily without any cast or clogging feeling.
Verdict?: I have already repurchased more tubes of this so I don't run out! I wish it came in a bigger bottle but aside from that the formula and application makes using SPF so easy without feeling clogged/heavy and not to mention there's no scent!!

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