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Emily Blunt - Harper's Bazaar January 2011

The stunning Emily Blunt has bagged the January cover of Harper's Bazaar UK for 2011. Above is Blunt's intense subscribers cover, loving the details the fringe dress gives to the cover. Her editorial spread includes her in elegant dresses atop cliffs. Love love love. Great start for UK magazines for 2011. 


Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow with packages!

Snow has began to fall in Ireland, first falling in Limerick on Sunday it was pretty cool seeing it fall in real life. And I must say I still don't like rain but I'll take snow any day. 
Anywho, with the unexpected snowfall comes unexpected package arrivals! I must note for all readers that this will be one of the last in my shopping posts for the year. I'll be packing up and travelling soon, leaving no permanent address... till I come home of course! Back to the package, I ordered a denim/faux leather jacket and a set of conical stud earrings. I love love love the jacket, I've wanted one of these for a while though I'm still on the hunt for biker vest/gillet. 
Follow the jump for my purchase photos.



Looks of the Week - November 22nd 2010

Alexa Chung: Named the top best dressed by Teen Vogue, Alexa wore a Chanel LBD at a charity dinner at Phillip London.
Blake Lively: At a party for the launch of Lorraine Schwartz's Jewelery collection, Lively wore a nude fringe Versace dress.
Emmy Rossum: In Lela Rose, Rossum attended the CNN Heroes: An all star tribute, channeling a contemporary Grecian goddess look.
Fergie: Wearing a design by Falguni and Shane Peacock, Fergie wore this amazing dress to the American Music Awards.  
Miley Cyrus: Stealing the attention on the red carpet at the AMAs Cyrus opted for a more feminine choice of dress, in a layered Marchesa Dress with an exaggerated train. 
Taylor Swift: Wearing Australian designer Collette Dinnigan at the AMAs, Swifts wore this chic red carpet look before donning a sleek tuxedo look.


X Factor - Week 8 Picks

Rebecca Ferguson - Satisfaction by The Rolling Stones

With the X Factor Final only two weeks away, the contestants stepped up their game (including dare I say Wagner) and performed two songs under the Rock theme of the week. This week Cheryl lifted her fashion game as well, wearing a stunning Emilio Pucci Mini Dress it rivaled Dannii Minogue's Red Carla Zampatti Dress.
More about last night's show follow the jump...



Mila Kunis - Nylon January 2011

Mila Kunis lands the January cover for Nylon for 2011. Famously known for her role in That's 70's Show, Kunis has recently stepped out of the shadow of her former character landing roles in Date Night and the upcoming movie Black Swan. Kunis looks intense on the January cover, loving the sleek blazer and the belt and pant details. Love love love. I'm very eager to see Black Swan featuring Natalie Portman and Kunis, which is a psychological thriller about two New York ballerinas vying for the lead role in Swan Lake. 
Over the jump is the trailer for Black Swan.


America's Next Top Model Cycle 15 Finale

I'm am an avid follower of America's Next Top Model, as well as the Canadian, Australian and British versions. But now as the year is ending America's Next Top Model is ending this week with the final between tall and shy Ann and the freckled and blonde Chelsey. Cycle 15 lifted ANTM, as the prizes changed with the winner receiving a contract with IMG models, the regular Covergirl contract and a spread and cover in Vogue Italia/Beauty in Vogue. I was actually not looking forward to this cycle, with all the promos and spoilers being a bit bland and lackluster. But I've warmed up to the cycle, and I'm really gunning for Ann to win the cycle. Over the jump are a few photos from the final episode. 



Cheryl Cole - The Flood Music Video

Following in the success of her number 1 single Promise This, Cheryl Cole released the video clip of her next single: The Flood. Cole's first ballad to be released as a single, the song discusses love and loss and the like, undoubtedly linked to her recent and public divorce from footballer Ashley Cole. The video clip is simple, not as hard hitting nor has it got a dance routine. I love love love the scenes with her in what looks like a cave in a beautiful green dress, complementing her new burgundy hair colour.


Olivia Wilde - InStyle December Editorial

The sexy Olivia Wilde is in a desert inspired editorial for the latest InStyle December with Carrie Underwood on the cover. The editorial features looks by Roberto Cavalli, Chanel, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Chloe, Prada, Calvin Klein and Donna Karan New York. I'm getting a Megan Fox vibe from her, I love love love her look. Shes moved on from her The OC days and now is starring in Tron: Legacy as well as her recurring role in House. 
See the rest of her editorial after the jump



Mean Girls 2... Hollywood is seriously out of ideas

The movie world is dying, and now at a much quicker rate with the latest release of Mean Girls 2. Its a straight-to-dvd release (thank the higher power), but still I'm dying on the inside. Is it that hard to come up with original ideas? Mean Girls was one of the greatest quotable movies for a young generation, however I think there probably won't be any quotable moment from this flick. Anyone care to share their thoughts, or hate? 


Dannii Minogue - Marie Claire UK

Danni Minogue is slowly making a name for herself outside the X Factor. Commonly known as the 'other minogue sister' with a mediocre music career, she is now changing that with her latest ventures. She has created with her best friend Tabitha Somerset Webb Project D a fashion empire, featuring a dress collection and fragrance. Other ventures include a possible return to music, and of course being a mother to her new born Ethan. Landing the cover of Marie Claire UK, Minogue features an editorial spread featuring her Project D line. I'm looking forward to see where Project D goes with possible expansions and the like. Stay tuned.



Topman Love


With this week being my final week of assignments I'm swamped. Queue the pick me up, when I received my Topman order! I got 2 sweater, a singlet, a t-shirt and a pair of earrings. Love love love. They aren't exactly things that I can wear in the winter at the moment, but investments for when I return home. I love the Mickey Mouse sweater, its got a vintage wear to it, so it's not uber 'I bought this straight from Disney world', my other sweater with the line backereqsue shoulders reminds be of Alexander Wang's Spring RTW 2010. And the other singlet and t-shirt I got just because they are fun, suiting summer. Finally these deer earrings I love love love they are pretty big, and a tad heavy but they sit really well against my ear so they're a keeper. 
Seriously online shopping is not good for me, give me a debit card and the internet and I'm a ready person to shop shop shop. Unfortunately however H&M is yet to open their online shopping to Ireland which sucks. I'm eager to find a way to see the Lanvin ♥ H&M collection in person, with the Limerick H&M unfortunately not stocking the collection. I'm thinking a Dublin trip, and if I do another massive shop with occur ahaha. The things I'll do for fashion. 
On another note the next H&M collaboration is rumored to be with Bottega Veneta, tres intense. 
Now back to make a database.. any takers??



Looks of the Week - November 15th 2010

Alexa Chung: Attending the Launch of Google's Wearing Valentino, love love love the clutch.
Blake Lively: Landing the cover of Vogue USA's best dressed list, Lively attended the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Awards wearing Chanel.
Emma Roberts: Wearing a grey Topshop Dress with a Hermes belt, at the Lanvin  H&M Haute Couture Fashion Show.
Emma Watson: Heading to David Letterman Show, Watson donned a dress designed by Aussie designer Dion Lee.
Jennifer Lopez: At the Launch of Gucci Children's Collection, wearing Gucci. Love love love this outfit 
Leighton Meester: Wearing a daring sheer black Marchesa Romper at the Harry Winston Court of Jewels Recreation Launch 


X Factor - Week 7 Picks

Cher Lloyd - Imagine

Rebecca Ferguson - Yesterday

Paije Richardson - Let It Be

Tonight's theme was the iconic Beatles. With all the great hits performed there was a mix of great and damn right awful covers. My Picks above were the 3 best performances. 

Cher Lloyd and her rendition of Imagine was really stripped back and emotional, something we don't really see in her performances due to her mash ups and rapping so it was good to see a difference. And disagreeing with Simon Cowell I actually liked the staircase, I was intensely worried she might fall, but I loved the scene created. 
Rebecca Ferguson, my favorite to win sang an effortless Yesterday. Noted she did have nerves however her voice and the emotion conveyed I just love love love her. 
And finally Paije Richardson singing Let It Be, a it biased because I love this song and its soulful nature. But Paije did it to justice, I must say the entire performance with the lights and background singers was intense and somewhat christmas like but hey the singing was great. 

So hopefully these three contestants will be safe to sing another day. All with be revealed tomorrow night, as well as the final 16's new charity single a cover of David Bowie's Heroes. 



Liberty Manolo Love Love Love

On my recent trip to London I made sure that I went to all the great shopping areas that the city offered. Notably I wanted to go to Liberty of London, an amazing retail store full of designer goodies. I especially wanted to go to to check of the latest pop up collection by Manolo Blahnik exclusive for Liberty. Being his first pop up collection, it features limited edition shoes and accessories until January 2011. So as this was a limited collection and once this vacation is over, I'll be broke, so I have to take the opportunity to dabble. 

I got a bunch of great goodies. Some for friends, family and of course something for myself! Being budget conscious I think I did well ahaha. I got myself this cute Manolo enviro tote bag. I'm not going to mention everything I got, mainly because they're gifts. But I must say Liberty of London Love Love Love!




Today Google launched their latest venture, expanding the internet brand to the fashion boutique market. Similar to the current Net-a-Porter, ShopBob, etc... the site lets you browse fashion according to celebrities, trends and even fashion bloggers. Tres Intense. I'm foreseeing this site becoming a leader in the online shopping databases, heck it's Google. Love love love



My Travels - London Love Love Love

I went to London on the weekend, loving the city a lot I wanted to visit it enjoying the sights and the surroundings. I also got the chance to go to Canterbury with friends which was really period and quaint. Shopping was intense, though I must say the budget has become as skinny I am ahaha. Notably I went to the Tate Museum, Liberty London, SoHo and the like. I did miss however going to see a show, didn't manage to schedule the days properly which was a bit of a bust, though I managed to have fun elsewhere. Walking around London, was really nice just looking at the buildings shop fronts. Christmas lights and displays have been put up, makes the city seem more lively and you can definitely feel it. Moving to London better be on the cards soon. I'll soon post my shopping... well once I unpack.  Love Love Love


Carrie Underwood - InStyle USA December

Country songstress Carrie Underwood landed the cover of InStyle December. Having a great 2010, she got married, went on a national tour and co-wrote and recorded the lead track from the upcoming Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Trader. The cover is a bit plain however, though I must say InStyle covers tend to be just that. 



Miranda Kerr - Vogue Australia January 2011


Miranda Kerr and her visible 6 month baby bump has landed the cover of Vogue Australia's first cover for 2011. Having become the Australian version of Gisele Bundchen, Kerr's baby bump watch is becoming a popular topic with her also featuring in W Magazine. The cover is subtle, I'm liking the pastel headings contrasting with the bold dress Kerr is wearing. 2011 covers are looking to be promising already.



London Calling

I'm off once again, this time to London. I'm hoping to visit the Tate, Camden and Portobello Markets, see a show on the West End, do a bit of shopping and just walk around the city aimlessly... I'm very excited. I love love love London! So I'm going to be MIA for the weekend again, so I'll be sure to update when I'm back in Limerick on Monday. 


Style Diary - Varsity Love

I bought this H&M jacket on my travels in Dublin. It's a cropped varsity style jacket, pairing it with standard skinnies and a white v neck t-shirt. Just a fun casual day wear look, not really for Ireland at the moment as the weather has taken a turn for the worst with severe storm warnings and wild winds. Ah well. Love love love this jacket.



Angelina Jolie - Vogue USA December

Angelina Jolie has bagged the cover of Vogue USA December. Jolie is shot from the back revealing a black corseted dress with long white sleeves. I'm not liking the pose of the photo, it's just very plain. Ah well, Jolie has had many great covers... hoping there will be more great ones to come!


My Travels - Edinburgh


So my weekend I was in Edinburgh, Scotland. Upon going I wasn't that excited, being sick and all I wasn't in the mood to travel and I hadn't really heard much of Scotland so I didn't know what to expect. So after a long day of travels including an early train to Dublin and a long wait for a flight I finally got to Edinburgh. And boy was I amazed. I love Edinburgh. It's hard to describe, it seems as if the city is on a slope but the ways it's been built it seems to level out in some weird way. I went on a long day tour to the Loch Ness, in search of the great Loch Ness Monster. No luck but hey an experience non the less. Shopping was a highlight too, materialistic but I got a lot cool goodies. Updates soon. And more travels to come



Pick Me Up

Arriving home from Edinburgh I received a package! It was a great pick me up from having travelling back from Edinburgh to Dublin then to Limerick, good wake up call. Anywho I'm a big fan of Pete Versus Toby an Aussie screenprinting brand who have really fun designed t-shirts, singlets and the like. My first purchase was at a flea market and my friend haggled this t-shirt for $10, a steal. And from there I've slowly built my collection, purchasing the rest from the online store itself (linkage below). This time I opted for a Singlet, featuring Kate Moss (and a lot of her). It also came with a free tote bag and a CD which I can't wait to see what's in it... tho I'll have to wait to find a CD drive... More wishlist love love love!


Bambi Northwood-Blyth - Harper's Bazaar Australia

Aussie Bambi Northwood-Blyth landed the cover of Harper's Bazaar Australia December. I'm liking this cover by Harper's Australia. With the majority of their covers being taken from either Harper's USA or UK, I like the fact that Aussie Harpers as ended the year with something original, the colors are true to the holidays.. well more a European one. Love love love 




So I'm going to be MIA for the weekend, till Tuesday. At we speak I'm trying to pack... a task which I'll never get used to nor like. Where am I going you ask? Well no drum roll but I'm going to...Edinburgh! A holiday within a holiday/study abroad trip, you know that type of thing. I'll be snapping photos, seeing sights and you know a bit of shopping as the norm. Hopefully packages arrive for me while I'm gone, that would be good! 


Anne Hathaway - Elle UK December

Just to put it out there. I love Elle UK, it would have to be my favorite magazine out of all of the contemporary magazines worldwide. Featuring on the December cover is Anne Hathaway, following her Vogue USA cover, Anne looks intense hot in a gold Balmain Dress. Love Love Love. A definite buy. 



GaGa History

Earlier this month Lady GaGa reached 1 Billion YouTube hits, and now Madame Tussauds are creating eight different wax creations of GaGa being unveiled on December 9th 2010 all around the world. Key looks include:

Johnathan Ross 2010 - While on tour in Britain and in preparation for the release of the Telephone music video, GaGa donned another Phillip Tracey design, this time of a telephone (suiting) while being interviewed by British personality Johnathan Ross. 
Denmark 2009 - Somewhat old school GaGa when her hair colour choice was Lavender. She was spotted in Denmark was a towering weave of lavender hair, nude body suit, white blazer and of course Sunglasses. 
Brit Award 2010 - GaGa in a Phillip Tracey head piece dedicated her telephone/dance in the dark performance to the late Alexander McQueen. Her look was of white pearls and lace.

I think it's really fun that they're going to immortalize the image that is GaGa, they better do a good job with the eight looks! Thats all I'm saying because there are a lot of little monsters eagerly awaiting them to be seen.


My Travels - Wiklow National Park


This is my last travel post. (Well that I have till I travel again). While I was in Dublin I went on a tour to the Wiklow National Park, if you haven't realized by now Ireland is very green and minimal but never fear there was a reason for my visit to Wiklow. Parts of PS I love You the movie was shot in Wiklow National Park, for instance the photo of me is were Hilary Swank and Gerald Butler met in Ireland on the very same bridge. Above also are ruin from and natural rivers which we stopped by on our long day through the park. It was really cold day when we went, the was really good as our bus driver was very insightful telling us all the hidden secrets and places to see in Ireland, money well spent.
I've got many a trips planned n the coming weeks. I'll fill you in soon with my adventures.



Jessica Alba - Elle USA December

Jessica Alba lands the cover of Elle USA December. Shes obviously starting her promotion on her latest film Little Fockers, the sequel to Meet the Fockers. I'm liking the cover, it's very summer which I'm used to because in Australia it's summer in December. I'm not really sure about the wardrobe however, it's very Hot Mama, not say Jessica isn't. Though I"m putting it out there she isn't even looking straight...I'm hoping for more of an editorial spread inside. Well hopefully.


Emma Watson - Marie Claire USA December

Emma Watson has landed another December cover, this time it's Marie Claire USA. I love the spread of neutrals and pastels as seen above. Lots of love love love