MARTAN 2010 - 2019



- 12 -


2018 was a turning point. In the search for the next life ‘pivot’ unknown to me that I had already done so. The speed of time mixed with the combination of life factors always leads you to forget the path. This year I reached new heights in my Career, moved out of my apartment of three years to a house with my partner, went to Paris for work, farewelled family and welcomed new blood, visited sweet spots around Australia and finally learnt a skill I have been longing to learn which was sewing and patternmaking. Like all developments with life, sometimes it’s refinements rather than stark clean slates. Because how many times can you be wowed by an iPhone?! 


- 11 -


How to do Hobart in 4 days

This year has been the year of the short trips. It hasn't been quite easy to coordinate a proper holiday, with my study and work not to mention my partner's work and commitments. Shorter trips seem both feasible both with time and money. I have also reached that age bracket when I can say that 'it has been around 15 years since I've been' that in itself warrants a break.


- 10 -

Clarity and Disclosure

I consider myself a master of being cryptic. Coding a language to help express my true feelings, frustrations and fears. Coded for protection, it used to be therapeutic to communicate through this medium. I felt a sense of release and relief sharing because of the ambiguity of it all. There was once comfort with my cryptic messages married with nonchalant images of me posing on a street corner. A way to discuss without seeming unattractive or PSA-like. 


- 9 -

You are Gold... Literally

There are so many skincare 'it' ingredients that at times it is hard to keep up with what's effective versus the ones that are simply instagramable. Charcoal, Coffee, Vitamins and Acids, the list goes on and on. Not going to lie... I have tried a majority of them if not got some things yet to try in my cupboard. Sassou Japan, is an anti-ageing skincare brand that makes products that are both cutting-edge and effective... not to mention one of their key ingredients is Gold. There is the belief that Gold can help improve circulation and skin revitalisation, such buzzwords one cannot turn away from. Realistically I find Japanese products always have a high association with quality without the need to delve into the unsavoury additives to get the same results. Last month I was lucky enough to be gifted a set of Sassou Japan products to review, aside from their benefits the products look spellbinding. Because who doesn't like or want to try gold suspended in gels and creams? 


- 8 -


ACNE STUDIOS makio bomber
JUUN J blazer, H&M bomber (similar)
ACNE STUDIOS clea bomber, UNIQLO t-shirt & COS skirt 

The Sity of Diver... Diversity intrigues me 


- 7 -

Arrival... not the ABBA Album
Winter at the Lake House
There's a Bath somewhere calling my name - CELINE sneakers
Bed... Need I say More? 
The Bunker is where it is at
Rural Channels are the most captivating 
Bed the Sequel - ASSEMBLY LABEL jacket

July is a slow month. Maybe it is the Aquarian in me but like clockwork, it seems like everything slows down whether it be Work, Temperature and more importantly my Creativity. Babe and I took the first week off and escaped to the country; Daylesford to be specific. Famously known for their mineral springs, we left the big city for life in the bush. Trading up for to the quaint modscape, seclusion, and a fireplace were the drawcards and entertainment. What better way to recharge than to be surrounded by nature and its simplicity. 


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- 5 -

From Paris to the Westside 

This month has been nothing short of the saying 'One Step Forward, Two Steps Back'. I have spent the better half of the month moving out, saying goodbye to my SATC style apartment life into house and home. Within four years my apartment became a sanctuary. Moving in with way too many things and leaving it with a little bit less, just better organized. I will miss the textured walls, but not the oven like summers. There is something cathartic when leaving your first home away from home. Where decisions in your control and the reality of money and life really hit you full force. The choice between sordid hangovers and productivity - this place has seen it all.